Lichess 960 Tournament Feb 6

This week the juniors were treated to a Chess960 tournament. This was designed to get them thinking about chess from move one, and not to worry about opening play.

Chess960 certainly does need you to look at the chess position in more detail. Whilst I had to berserk all my games, I managed to get some quick wins due to quickly assessing winning positions.

Congratulations to Marton and Dan, they played really well. Dan was just pipped by Marton, Dan was playing his 8th game when the buzzer went.

The tournament did throw up some very quick games and checkmate. Even yours truly got “blindsided” and missed a sneaky attack – this mate delivered by Dan! Dan has previously played c6 and I overlooked the threat and played a4 instantly! Woe is me, happens to us all!

Lichess Saturday Morning Tournament

Apologies for not providing the weekly updates. The winners from the more recent tournaments in January were as follows:

Saturday 16th January – Congratulations to Marton, with an excellent 100% record. Seems the Juniors have worked out how to stop me! Alas, I have to play all the games in berserk mode, which essentially means I have only a couple of minutes to checkmate them! Well played to Dan Siggers, with a great 75% record.

Saturday 23rd January – Congratulations to Marton again. It was a very close tournament, with Dan Sunderland getting very close but not getting the win he needed before the buzzer went.

Saturday 30th January – this week a slightly longer time control, meant that the extra minute I had in berserk mode was just enough time to get over the line before the flag dropped! However, it is getting harder, these juniors are making me work more!

Congratulations to Marton and Eyad for their placings!

Shout Out to all Lancashire Juniors

Are you free on Saturdays at 09:30am? Do you want to improve as a chess player? Do you want to play chess tournaments with fellow junior chess players?

Then why not join us each week on Lichess. You will need to register with Lichess, and complete the entry form below:

Saturday Tournament Winner 9th January

Congratulations to Daniel Sunderland (User_name_9998) winning the first Lancashire Junior Online tournament for 2021. A fun bullet tournament this week, where the poor old coach had to “berserk” in all games. Coach started off well, but maybe should not have given away the secret on how to beat the coach in bullet when he has berserked”

Honourable mentions to Eyad and Daniel M in 2nd and 3rd place.

Happy New Year 2021

Happy New Year to all the Lancashire Junior Chess players and their parents / guardians. It is fair to day that 2020 was not a great year for anyone due to the Covid pandemic. It was hoped that by now we would have been well under way to getting back to normal. Alas, this is not the case.

As a result, it is likely that there will be no Junior over the board chess for the ESPSCA tournaments for the season 2020/21. This is a shame for those juniors who are in the last year for the U11’s, as they have missed out on the opportunity to play for Lancashire and get a chance to wear the red-rose shirt!

Don’t worry if you are one of those players, there will still be plenty of opportunities to play and represent Lancashire at U14, U16 and U18 level, Don’t be too dishearten, and keep up with playing chess as best you can.

Since the summer, Lancashire have been holding weekly coaching and tournaments on Lichess. We will be continuing to do so for the remaining of this school year, and will move to actively promote the coaching and tournaments on these web pages.

Watch out for these details, if you have not joined in with the coaching so far we will be shortly publishing details on how to join in the fun. Whilst online chess is not the same as playing over the board, it will still keep your mind fresh for chess tactics, strategy and it can also be fun as well!

In the meantime, as always. Keep Safe!

EPSCA Under 11 Zone North

A hard day at the office for the Lancashire U11 team in the EPSCA U11 North Zonal played on Sunday 8th March at Cheadle Hulme School

Firstly, congratulations to Cheshire & North Wales, who romped home with 50 points, their nearest rivals were Nottinghamshire on 38 points.

Lancashire outgunned and outplayed on the day, finishing in 8th place on 15 points, just ahead of Manchester on 13 points.

1Cheshire & North Wales5049

A shout out to Lucas Stubbs who returned 100% 3/3 on Board 2.

IDNameRound 1NameRound 2NameRound 3Total
H.01Kyden Waite0Kyden Waite0Kyden Waite00
H.02Lucas Stubbs1Lucas Stubbs1Lucas Stubbs13
H.03Joshua Sunderland0Joshua Sunderland0Joshua Sunderland00
H.04Taym Bittar0Taym Bittar0Taym Bittar00
H.05Malachy Fielding0Malachy Fielding1Malachy Fielding12
H.06Conrad Fielding0Conrad Fielding0Conrad Fielding11
H.07Taliesin Jones0Taliesin Jones0Taliesin Jones00
H.08Freddie Wood1Freddie Wood0Freddie Wood01
H.09Daniel Siggers0Daniel Siggers0.5Daniel Siggers11.5
H.10William Petrie0William Petrie1William Petrie12
H.11Daniel Marshall1Daniel Marshall0Daniel Marshall12
H.12Kaia Wood0Kaia Wood0Kaia Wood00
H.13Samuel Pilling0Samuel Pilling0Samuel Pilling00
H.14Joshua Wong0Joshua Wong0Joshua Wong00
H.15Raia Trend0Raia Trend0Raia Trend00
H.16Rahma Ahmed0Rahma Ahmed0.5Rahma Ahmed11.5
H.17Marissa Kerr1Marissa Kerr0Marissa Kerr01
H.18Jay Dawson0Jay Dawson0Jay Dawson00
H.19George Aldeen0George Aldeen0George Aldeen00
H.20Buster Bell-Carr0Buster Bell-Carr0Buster Bell-Carr0.50.5
Total 4 4 7.515.5

Credit to Roger Thetford for the match scores and individual scores, original source at the EPSCA Results Page.

A big thank you for Alina Waite (Team Manager) and Bill O’Rourke for all the organisation in getting a team out under challenging circumstances with the COVID-19 scare. Congratulations to all the players for playing their part in observing the new rules to safeguard players, parents and organisers from infection. It does look like that future chess events will be suspended for the foreseeable future.

Praying for inspiration!

An excellent series of photographs from the recent Junior Congress at Kirkham Grammar School available on Flickr. There are quite a few interesting photos of the event. My favourite is the one below, I am sure we have all prayed for inspiration at the chessboard! Special thank you to Mrs Michelle Tickle for the inspiring photographs, and for sharing!

Now how do I checkmate my opponent from here?

Kirkham Junior Congress Results

There were five sections for the junior chess congress held at Kirkham Grammar School on Sunday 17th November 2019. A damp and grey November day, but it did not dampen the enthusiasm of the 44 children who had turned up to play.

As with all the Lancashire Junior Congress events, the sections are not aged limited, all sections are based on ability. As a result, we had Lancashire U11 players in the Kings section playing some of the senior players. Three of the section winners won with a 100% record


KINGS Section - Kyden Waite 4.5/5
QUEENS Section - Asad Syed 5/5
ROOKS Section - Malachy Fielding 5/5 
KNIGHTS Section - Daniel Siggers 5/5
PAWNS Section - Samuel Pilling 6/7
4.5 5 1st   Kyden Waite
3.5 5 2=   Lucas Stubbs
3.5 5 2=   Regan Topham
2.5 5     Joshua Woodbridge
1.0 5     Cara Sunderland
0.0 5     Daniel Sunderland
5.0 5 1st   Asad Syed
3.0 5 2nd   Anna Kenyon
2.5 5 3rd   Shaun Woodbridge
2.0 5     Joshua Sunderland
1.5 5     Rohan Palaniappan
1.0 5     Taym Bittar
5.0 5 1st   Malachy Fielding
3.5 5 2nd   Conrad Fielding
3.0 5 3rd   Taliesin Jones
2.0 5     Ethan Davies
1.5 5     Thomas Smith
0.0 4     Adam Hedges
5.0 5 1st   Daniel Siggers
4.0 5 2nd   William Petrie
3.0 5 3=   Jay Dawson
3.0 5 3=   Daniel Marshall
2.0 5     Felix Young
1.0 5     Eyad Alchaghouri
1.0 3     Harry Ford
1.0 5     Jayden Barrow
0.0 2     James Hall
6.0 7 1st   Samuel Pilling
5.5 7 2nd   Joshua Wong
5.0 7 3rd   Joshua Coffey
4.0 7     Macayla Reese Gundayao
4.0 7     Meriel Shania Gundayao
4.0 7     Raia Trend
3.5 7     Thomas Pilkington
3.5 7     Raurie Sumner
3.5 7     Henry Dawson-Gerrard
3.5 7     Sachchen Lavanaathan
3.0 7     Sam Morris
3.0 7     Bella Grice
2.5 7     Florence Kerr
2.0 7     Nia Murusidze
2.0 7     Shaksha Lavanaathan
1.5 6     Buster Bell-Carr
0.5 6     Polly Hargreaves

Kirkham Junior Chess Congress Report

A grey and damp November morning greeted us as we rolled up on the car park for the Kirkham Junior Chess Congress held at the Kirkham Grammar School. Whilst the weather was typical autumnal fare, the venue was excellent and well attended taking into account the loss of the usual contingent from Aughton St Michael’s.

A special thank you to Kirkham Grammar School for being wonderful hosts and providing a warm and hospitable environment not only for the chess players but also for the parents and guardians. A great cafe service was available, which seemed to be well received looking around all the cups of tea and coffee consumed.

Michael Smith (KJGS) and Bill O’Rourke (LCA)

The playing arena was in the spacious Recital Hall, well lit and excellent playing conditions for the chess players. 44 juniors across 5 sections, all eager and raring to go. As with all of the Lancashire Junior Congress events, training sessions were set aside for all the sections. The children were all well behaved and there was some excellent chess played during the day. Full results can be found on the results page.

The spacious library area for parents and players between games.

After a long day of playing chess, it was nice to see so many parents and guardians staying behind for the prize giving, ensuring the young chess masters of the future were given a resounding reception for their herculean efforts over the chessboard. A very successful first time at Kirkham, and we hope to return to the school in the Spring / Summer of 2020.

Kirkham Grammar School Chess Congress

A quick note to advise parents and guardians of a slight change in the venue for the next junior congress.

The congress will still be at the school, but on a different campus. The congress will now be taking place in The Recital Hall on the main campus, full address below. Note the change in post code.

The Recital Hall, Kirkham Grammar School, Ribby Road, Kirkham, Preston, Lancashire PR4 2BH   

Directions to Kirkham Junior Grammar school

From the M6, take junction 32 on to the M55. At junction 3 of the M55, take first turning towards A585 Kirkham. Pass through three roundabouts, keeping straight on the A585 Fleetwood Road towards Kirkham.  At 4th roundabout, take first exit on to A583 / Blackpool Road towards Preston. After 400 metres turn left on to B5259 / Ribby Road. You will then find Kirkham Grammar school on your left hand side.