Lichess 960 Tournament Feb 6

This week the juniors were treated to a Chess960 tournament. This was designed to get them thinking about chess from move one, and not to worry about opening play.

Chess960 certainly does need you to look at the chess position in more detail. Whilst I had to berserk all my games, I managed to get some quick wins due to quickly assessing winning positions.

Congratulations to Marton and Dan, they played really well. Dan was just pipped by Marton, Dan was playing his 8th game when the buzzer went.

The tournament did throw up some very quick games and checkmate. Even yours truly got “blindsided” and missed a sneaky attack – this mate delivered by Dan! Dan has previously played c6 and I overlooked the threat and played a4 instantly! Woe is me, happens to us all!

Lichess Saturday Morning Tournament

Apologies for not providing the weekly updates. The winners from the more recent tournaments in January were as follows:

Saturday 16th January – Congratulations to Marton, with an excellent 100% record. Seems the Juniors have worked out how to stop me! Alas, I have to play all the games in berserk mode, which essentially means I have only a couple of minutes to checkmate them! Well played to Dan Siggers, with a great 75% record.

Saturday 23rd January – Congratulations to Marton again. It was a very close tournament, with Dan Sunderland getting very close but not getting the win he needed before the buzzer went.

Saturday 30th January – this week a slightly longer time control, meant that the extra minute I had in berserk mode was just enough time to get over the line before the flag dropped! However, it is getting harder, these juniors are making me work more!

Congratulations to Marton and Eyad for their placings!