Battle of the Royals

Training Event at Lytham AKS

Not the best schedule, the latest training day clashing with the Royal Wedding.  Who wanted to watch two people getting married, when you could play chess instead!

Around 20 juniors attended the latest event held at Lytham AKS, thank you again to our hosts for a great venue.  Mixed in amongst the coaching sessions, were some serious games of chess.  Starting off with a Simul against the Coaches, with all moves being written down.

The games were interesting, and let’s say judging by the handwriting, we will have a few doctor’s in the future who can play chess!  I will post games as and when I can decipher the moves.

First up, is a game from Rahma Ahmed.  The rules were simple, play when I came back to the board think in between.  Players were allowed “passes” and I also gave some chances by asking them to look deeper into the position.  When they did not believe me, and wanted to play the move, well I had to be mean 🙂

An interesting game by Rahma, who did not believe me when I said the Queen would be trapped and when I announced mate!  Analysis of the games will be feedback at the next training event.

Second game is from Kai Ashcroft, who was playing John Cooper.  John was more ruthless than myself, not giving the juniors any room 🙂  This game finished on move 13, I have assumed Black’s last move being the killer blow.