A Tale of Two Knights

An horse my kingdom for an horse….

Or in Chess terms, a Knight.  Anand is well known for his preference for Knights rather than bishops.  This is unusual, most players prefer the bishops.  The beauty of the knights can be found in the following positions.  Both with White to move, one  is a draw the other is a loss.  Which one is which!  Can you work it out!


Steve Under the Cosh!

Who is winning?

This position is an adjourned position from the simul at the recent training day at Lytham AKS.  Steve is playing Black, and was getting very worried.  Not sure who called the adjournment 🙂

Ben despite being two pawns down has a major initative.  The engines favour White, but Black has to find the right moves.  What do you think?  It is Black’s move, if it was White’s move in this position then it would be game over after Qd3!

Battle of the Royals

Training Event at Lytham AKS

Not the best schedule, the latest training day clashing with the Royal Wedding.  Who wanted to watch two people getting married, when you could play chess instead!

Around 20 juniors attended the latest event held at Lytham AKS, thank you again to our hosts for a great venue.  Mixed in amongst the coaching sessions, were some serious games of chess.  Starting off with a Simul against the Coaches, with all moves being written down.

The games were interesting, and let’s say judging by the handwriting, we will have a few doctor’s in the future who can play chess!  I will post games as and when I can decipher the moves.

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