Lancashire Training Day at AKS Lytham

A great day out for 35 Lancashire Junior Chess players at the latest Lancashire Chess training day.  These events are invite only, and are set up to provide a day of coaching and simultaneous games against the Lancashire Coaches.

Firstly, a special thank you for the staff and the AKS School in Lytham for hosting the event,  with 35 children turning up on the day, it proved to be a popular event.  The turnout was a lot better than expected so soon after the Easter Holidays!

Special thank you to my fellow coaches on the day, Steve Lamb and John Cooper.

A couple of “technical hitches” to contend with at the start, meant that we had to “ad-lib” a little with the schedule.  My laptop was there, all ready to go with a mix of Chessbase material I had prepared.  Unfortunately, the laptop was “too modern”, it only had HDMI ouput and the school’s projector system only had VGA.  Still, it won’t go to waste, and next time I will take along an HMDI-VGA splitter!

John looked after the “strong” top-8 players, giving them some expert coaching advice suited to their experience and knowledge.  All players played at least one serious game on the clocks, and they were also treated to a simul against yours truely!

The simul was hard work I can tell you!  Not the normal simul, the boards were set up with specific endings to test the players endgame techniques.  The event was very full-on, that none of the coaches had time for a break during the day, we all came away shattered!

It was for that reason, that I had not time for the usual photographs.  However, we can partake in the photos that Paul Crouch took on the day and shared on the @AKSSchool twitter account.

AKS Junior Training Day

The first simul for the least experienced players was the following position (the coach having the black pieces!)

Two players managed to let me queen a pawn! Still not sure how.  A few players fell for my plan of pushing my pawns, swapping off the pawns to leave the h-pawn and then getting my King back to the h8 square.

For the stronger players in the simul, they were given a slightly more difficult task.

A few players failed to convert this postion, and I managed to get this stalemate position four times, with two players taking the bait!

Overall, a great day of chess and some really interesting games from the players.  All of the players were encouraged to write their moves down,  I did not get many score sheets back.   Will post some of the sample games in a follow up post.