The Queen and Bishop Checkmate Tactic

This example is a checkmate in 4 for White, and involves the Queen and Bishop working together.  Can you spot the checkmate?  If not, then do not worry.  Let us try and break it down.

  1. The Black King only has one square it can move to, the White Queen stops the King from moving to f8.
  2. The Queen can take the pawn on h7, but then that allows the Black King to move to f8.  So do we have another way to check the King?
  3. Yes, we do, with Bishop takes pawn on h7.  This is a check and the King can only move to h8.
  4. Now, we need to move our bishop and this will give us a discovered check. We can move our bishop, but we need to be careful. Do not forgot, our Queen is under attack from the Black Queen.  So how we need a move that creates a discovered attack and at that same time stops Black’s Queen from capturing the White Queen.  Our only move is Bishop to g6!  The King is in check so must move,  as the Black Queen can no longer capture the White Queen.
  5. The King has to move to g8, now we need to keep up the checks, so Queen h7 check.
  6. The King can only move to f8, the King cannot capture the White Queen because it is protected by the Bishop.
  7. This allows Queen take f7 check, the King cannot move, the Queen cannot be taken, and no piece can block the check so this is checkmate.