King and Queen versus King Checkmate

The first basic checkmate that juniors should learn is the King and Queen versus King checkmate.  It is easy to remember, so long as the rules are followed.

  1. Step 1 restrict the opposite King to the edge of the board.
  2. Step 2 move the Queen so it is a Knights move away from the King.  Imagine if the Queen was a Knight, where can I put the Queen so the King would be in check.  Make sure you keep the King at the edge of the board.
  3. Step 3 when the opposite King is in the corner, do not move your Queen.  This is important.  Now is the time to move you King up the board.
  4. Step 4 when the King has come up the board, it can help the Queen deliver checkmate.


This is a stalemate position, and it something you want to avoid.  If the position is a stalemate, it means the result is a draw.  If you are the one with a King and Queen and you allow a stalemate, your opponent will be very happy!

Notice how the opponent King has no squares to move to, and since the King is not in check, this means Stalemate and a Draw