Checkmate Exercises

Each month, a set of mating positions will be published for you to solve.  This month, we will start with some easy one’s, they are all checkmate in one.  How hard can that be?

All the following are check mate in one, these should be easy to spot.  The key is to look at each pattern, and understand what elements make up the checkmate.


This first one is a “back rank” checkmate.  The black King has no escape square, Black moved his rook to attack the pawn on f6, leaving the back rank exposed.


This one is slightly tricky.  You need to look at all the checking possibilities.


This one is an easy one to find.


This next one should be easy, there are two ways to checkmate here.


Once again, this should be an easy one to find.


This one might be a little tricky.


Another that is not so obvious


Back to an easy one!


This should be another easy one to find.  How did the King get over there?


Not much material left, but you only need one piece to deliver a check, and maybe a checkmate.